Jewelry Sized Byzantine Bohemian Cross Shaped Set Of 3 Cutters For Polymer Clay And Mixed Media

  • $ 15.00

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These Byzantine cross inspired cutters are made especially for your unique jewelry designs. Most cookie cutters are too large for jewelry but we have designed these 3D printed cookie cutters for your jewelry sized artwork. These are an exclusive product from Create Along with Polymer Clay TV. These fun cutters can be used in so many ways just let your imagination soar!

Approx size of all is 50 mm or 2 inches tall.

Note about 3D printing: 3D printing is a time consuming process, melted plastic is layered to build up the cutter in the design. Therefore they have tiny ridges on them from the process. Try using a piece of plastic wrap over your clay before impressing the cutter- this will make releasing your shape very easy.

Our story: We made the decision that our new products will be made here in America. By purchasing these cutters you're helping to support an American job. The guy who makes these cutters for us was a fellow employee of the last job Kira worked at and we are so glad this will help him to live his dream. 

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