Polymer Clay Projects


Mandala wall plaque fun and easy tutorial come Create a long 0

As you probably know I love the mandala symbol. I use it often in my artwork whether it be for jewelry or home decor. Today I wanted to create a little plaque that is great for gift giving or as a gift for yourself. Its small enough to fit anywhere and will make you smile knowing you created something you love. So get your clay, silkscreen and tools ready and come Create Along with me!
Here is a...

NEW texture mats- How to create interchangeable bracelet focal beads with polymer clay 0

Watch as Kira uses a fun wrap bracelet to create various clay beads with thoughts and affirmations for an ever changing wearable piece of art! Featuring Magic Molding Mats and other fun clay tools from CreateAlong.com


Making Unique Polymer Clay Earrings Tutorial 0

I love challenging myself to make fun and easy earrings with polymer clay. I wanted a simple way to use some image transfers with polymer clay so I took out my clay and started playing. This is a great way to use up some of your scrap too! This project doesn't require a lot of supplies you can use what you have and try all kinds of looks. create along with Ilysa and see the possibilities. You can...

How to do polymer clay bargello technique with mylar foils 0

Today we are exploring the patterning of bargello, using foils instead of the clay color to create the glorious graphic art of bargello. In the end I used the veneer to make a boho ring, but you could use it for anything!

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Polymer Clay Mandala Pendant Tutorial 0

Come make some polymer clay Mandala pendants with Ilysa. These fun and easy pendants will be a hit for sure. You can change it up into a bunch of different designs, add paint, liquid clay and more! Color Me Magic Transfer paper is available in our shop. The one used on this show is Lotus Mandalas and can be found at this link. 

How to create tiny bowls with polymer clay, molds and Pan Pastels 0

Join Kira and learn to make these bowls using a few simple tools and techniques! Learn about Angel Policy for mold use, and tricks for using oddly shaped molds.
You can find the ring bowl shaper, rubber tools, molds and flower presses at our shop- www.CreateAlong.com

Polymer Clay Key Covers Never Lose Your Keys again... 0

Do you have a ton of keys on your key chain and are you always fumbling for the right key? If so this is the perfect project for you. Learn how to make easy, simple key covers that are baked right onto the key. Make them in your favorite colors to help you know which one is for which key. I used Sculpey Texture Sheets to add some texture to mine as well as a Color Me Magic Transfer design but you...

How to mica shift polymer clay and create a patterned sheet- the easy way 0

Kira will show you an easy mica shift technique with no difficult "rules" plus then a trick to make your patterned sheet even more interesting! You can use these sheets to create anything- they become a veneer that you use to cover things, create small items like jewelry or beads, and so much more. Enjoy! Exclusive hand drawn silkscreen designs are available in the shop at CreateAlong.com.

NEW Polymer Clay Magic Opal Beads Tutorial 0

I love experimenting and when I discover something new I just have to share it with the world. So I am sharing my new Magic Opal Beads on today's Polymer Clay TV.

Learn how to make these beautiful new style of beads called Magic Opal Beads. They are so pretty and easy to make! Create Along with me as I show you step by step how to make Magic Opal Beads.

These beads have so many possibilities and can...

Polymer Clay Mokume Gane and Image Transfer combining techniques 0

Try combining multiple popular techniques for surface design on polymer clay to create something new and fabulous!

Create sheets of clay you can use for anything, including jewelry veneers as shown on the earrings. Pre Printed image transfer designs, as well as other fun tools, can be found in the shop at CreateAlong.com.